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Becky Lynch vs. Ronda Rousey: Who goes over?

This Survivor Series, we are treated to another champion vs. champion match; Becky Lynch vs. Ronda Rousey. Last year, fans saw Charlotte Flair take on the now-injured (get better, soon, Alexa…concussions are no joke) Alexa Bliss in what was a pretty good match. This year, we’re being offered something totally different.

Upon entering WWE, everyone knew it would be only a matter of time before Ronda Rousey took the Raw Women’s Title, and she took it in less than six months with the company.

While not heavy on experience and skill, Ronda is a huge star, and her matches with Nikki Bella, and non-wrestlers such as Stephanie McMahon, shows she has the potential. Week after week, her promos are getting stronger, and while her moveset is fairly limited, she looks more confident in the ring, and her selling is getting much more convincing. Even though she was hired for her name and not acumen, she has acquitted herself nicely.

When Becky Lynch retained in a sure-fire classic “Last Woman Standing” match, which garnered both women a record-high 4-3/4 star rating from Dave Meltzer, it was announced she would be the one to face Rousey, putting off what WWE likely sees as the “money match” between Rousey and Flair, for the moment.

However, this match right here, coming at Survivor Series will be the match of their careers. On Monday, Ronda laid out a very personal, if uneven, promo about this match at Survivor Series, and did a good job of putting Becky’s story over, as well as making the case for why she is the more physically talented woman. Becky responded in kind on Tuesday.

In her promo, she raised very many valid points, but the most pointed one was when she said she herself wasn’t supposed to main event or be the talk of the industry, but she is.

Becky Lynch is far and away the most over woman in the WWE. In the weeks leading up to SummerSlam, women’s wrestling fans were expecting to see her get the title she so deserved again, and yet, everyone was disappointed. Her heel turn has turned her into the hottest act in WWE, man or woman. She has built a following among wrestling fans, not the casual fans that WWE catered to when they fed Alexa Bliss to Rousey so she could take the title.

Becky Lynch in 2018 is what Daniel Bryan was in 2014. Lynch embodies the movement; the fans love Rebecca Quin and respect her journey. She has momentum that has gathered steam since SummerSlam, and she has been taken to her limits and tested in a way Rousey has not, which is why Becky should be the one who goes over.

Becky Lynch right now is WWE’s hottest star, with a dedicated fan base, she has scratched and clawed while still putting on good-to-great matches for years, consistently. The story that was told through both Ronda and Becky’s promos, is that she is the underdog. She is a capable underdog, though, and she is ruthless and dogmatic in getting what she wants. Losing to Rousey now will halt her momentum, especially since Ronda’s shtick is cocky and overconfident. Lynch can take this win and continue to ride the wave into what hopefully leads to a program with another woman who could use some career rehabilitation; Asuka.

Who do you think should go over?

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