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Becky Lynch says she pitched to have Shayna Baszler defeat her at WrestleMania

The last time we saw Becky Lynch in the ring was at WrestleMania where she was marking a year as RAW Women’s Champion. Shayna Baszler was fresh on the RAW roster and earned her shot against Lynch by winning the Elimination Chamber. Everything was pointing to Baszler taking the title from Lynch at WrestleMania until it didn’t happen. Lynch has now stated that she did pitch to lose the title to Baszler.

On The Bellas Podcast, Lynch had the following to say about her wanting a family and how she originally planned to lose the title prior to her pregnancy.

“Originally I was like, ok, well … I’ll wait til I’m done wrestling and then I’ll have a family. But then I started thinking, but wait, why do I have to do that? Guys don’t have to do that. Hell, I’ll just do it whenever the time feels right! So we started trying, and I just thought it would take a long time. And it didn’t. We were super lucky.

It happened before I would’ve expected and I was still the champ at the time. I actually thought that I was going to lose the title at WrestleMania, which I also pitched … but you know, plans change!”

Credit: WWE

After Lynch retained the title she stated she started to feel sick. She then found out she was pregnant. Lynch wanted to have a quick match to lose the title, but her fiance Seth Rollins was against that.

She pitched about the idea of having a tournament for the RAW Women’s Championship as a result, but she felt that along with the Money in the Bank match would be a lot going on at once. So that is where Asuka winning the MITB match was actually her winning the title.

“But Money in the Bank was happening at the same time, so it was too confusing to merge the two. So they just decided they would do the Money in the Bank ladder match and do that as the title match, essentially, without them knowing,” Becky added.

Credit for the interview goes to The Bella Podcast with credit to the transcriptions to Pro Wrestling Sheet.

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