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Before They Were Divas: Mickie James


Today on ‘Before They Were Divas’, we’re taking a look back at 4 time Women’s Champion Mickie James early days in TNA. Watch below as she takes on former ECW Diva and ‘Full Bodied Italian’, Trinity:

Alexis Laree(Mickie James) vs Trinity

The match starts off strong with some impressive chain wrestling followed by a scary-looking tilt-a-whirl headscissors by Trinity. After a quick lap around the ring, Mickie manages to get the upper hand. And that’s when things start to fall apart. Maybe I’ve been spoiled by Mickie’s exemplary ringwork in WWE, but once Mickie got control of the match everything looked so sloppy. Botched snap mares, mistimed punches, and horrible selling from both ladies. Really messy work here.

Things start to look up when Trinity takes a spill to the outside. After a few shots against the barricade, Mickie brings Trinity back into the ring and hits a well executed enziguri. Trinity manages to get back into the match with a flurry of strikes, culminating in a unique spin kick. Fast forward a few seconds and a few more botchy moves, Trinity eats canvas on a beautiful moonsault.

Out comes, for reasons unknown, Raven, who cops a squat in the corner to watch the match. While Trinity is distracted by Raven’s presence, Mickie tries to get the jump on her. Unfortunately for her, Trinity hits a heel kick followed by an awesome standing star press for the three count. (Why did WWE release her again?)

Post match we see Raven lay out Trinity with a DDT and drag Mickie out of the ring caveman-style, beginning her tenure as part of The Gathering.

All in all, not my favorite match from either lady. Mickie, as I said earlier, was uncharacteristically sloppy. A far cry from even her OVW days. Trinity, however was the star of this match. I can’t imagine why WWE would let a talent like go, but the same could be said for half of TNA’s roster.

Wrestling aside, I wasn’t feeling Mickie’s look. The dingy, greasy, wet look is better left to guys like CM Punk and Raven. 

I would love to see Mickie vs Trinity in the WWE today. Their unique styles together would definitely be a breath of fresh air, compared to the somewhat basic movesets of  the majority of today’s WWE Divas.

So what did you guys think of the match? Loved it? Hated it? Leave your thoughts in the comments. 

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