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Beth Phoenix and Natalya Want Divas Ladder Match

Divas Champion Beth Phoenix and BFF Natalya have stated that they want to compete in the first ever Divas ladder match, reports

Speaking to the February 2012 issue of WWE Magazine, the third-generation Diva says: “I want to compete in the first-ever Diva Ladder Match. Beth and I think it would be amazing, and I believe we could really pull it off.”

Meanwhile, the reigning Divas Champ, who competed in a ladder match in OVW with Katie Lea (now Winter in TNA), says: “I actually like to consider myself a pioneer for the ladies’ ladder match because if you check out Ladder Matches 2: Crash and Burn [WWE DVD], it actually features my ladder match from Louisville, Kentucky, in OVW.”

“I have been campaigning for WWE to let me compete in one and have even volunteered to put my Divas Championship on the line in it against absolutely anybody. I have the experience and truly believe the bar could be raised with that bout. There is no doubt in my mind that it would be the most spectacular Divas match of all-time.”

Watch Beth in the first ever women’s ladder match in WWE below:

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