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Beulah McGillicutty Talks About Writing Children’s Book, Match with Bill Alfonso and More

Former ECW star Beulah McGillicutty has been interviewed by in their ‘Where Are They Now?’ feature.

Beulah, real name Trisa Laughlin, talks about her career and recent move into authoring a children’s book.

As we reported last month, Beulah has released a book entitled ‘Gertrude the Great’. Speaking to about the book, Beulah describes it as being about a girl who wants to be just like her big sister.

She reveals that a WWE legend also helped her with her book.

I showed it to Mick Foley for his opinion. Mick thought I really had a good story and put me in touch with some publishers. Mick introduced me to Jill Thompson, who illustrated one of his children’s books.

Jill liked the story and I asked her what my next step should be. Jill said that I should have the book illustrated and when I asked her to refer an illustrator, she told me that she’d like to do it which is the highest compliment she could have paid me.

Beulah also talks about her ECW career and wanting to be as tough as the guys. She says:

I didn’t want to show any weakness, especially in ECW’s locker room. I even refused to cry when I broke my wrist punching Bill Alfonso in the head. The following week I was in Japan with a cast up to my shoulder but I never let anyone see me cry.

On her infamous match with Bill Alfonso, Beulah says:

I didn’t even realize how beat up he was until after I showered after the match. It was gross!

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Watch Beulah’s match with Alfonso:

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