Monday, December 4, 2023

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Bianca Belair gets back-to-back wins heading into SummerSlam; Natalya returns from injury

In the last SmackDown before SummerSlam this Saturday, SmackDown Women’s Champion Bianca Belair found herself in back-to-back matches. Without her SummerSlam opponent Sasha Banks in the building, Belair took out both of the women who have been backing Banks the past couple of weeks.

Belair first faced Zelina Vega followed by Carmella. After Vega came just paper-thin close to getting a three count on the champion, Belair delivered the KOD to put her first challenger of the night away. Carmella took no time to superkick Belair as her match began immediately after. Carmella faired a little longer than Vega but she was still no match for Belair as another KOD is what it took to defeat the Most Beautiful Woman in WWE.

Although Banks was not at tonight’s SmackDown, the match is still scheduled for her to face Belair for the SmackDown Women’s Title tomorrow night. The WrestleMania rematch is still on the card at the time of this writing despite prior reports of concern.


Natalya made her return from injury just after three weeks from surgery. She competed in a tag team match alongside Tamina. The Women’s Tag Team Champions faced Shotzi and Tegan Nox once again in a non-title match and once again Shotzi and Nox go over on the tag champs. Shotzi rolled up Natalya for the pin.

In a WWE Exclusive after the match, Natalya was upset from the loss because she knows she isn’t at 100% and feels as though she let everyone down.

Meanwhile, Shotzi and Nox say that they deserve a tag title opportunity, which after many wins against the tag champs it only seems fitting.

Check back in with Diva Dirt this Saturday for coverage of SummerSlam including a Discussion Post.

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