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Bound For Glory in Review: Gail Gets By With a Little Help From Her Friend

Welcome, Knockout followers, to the Bound For Glory write up. Many things have been said about last night’s show. Some nice, some not so nice and some just downright sad. Based on some fan pictures, the arena was less than half full. Make that less than a quarter. But whether you’re a TNA fan or not, the Knockouts put on a good showing last night, so let’s get to it.

Our first Knockout sighting is Velvet Sky, accompanying her man Chris Sabin. Velvet was rocking the pink dress; she looked great. But she was out there for a little more than moral support, as Chris has some ideas for the end of the match. As things were coming to a close in the match, Chris forced Velvet into the ring to cause a distraction. Jeff scoots Velvet out of the way, but she’s in there long enough for Sabin to climb the ladder
and steal the X Division title.

Velvet had this to say on Twitter later in the night:

Oh, Velvet. I’m not sure how long this on screen relationship is going to last. We’ll have to wait and see.

We’re shown Dixie Carter backstage. She murmurs about needing a new assistant, then answers her phone and gets all excited. She says that she wants all of AJ Styles’ merchandise on sale and off the shelves. As she natters away, Derrick Bateman arrives on the scene. He calls her Aunt D, I think, unless I misunderstood what he said. Anyway, she’s hand picked the perfect opponent for him tonight.

“The world needs us. We’re the Carters.” Apparently that’s a thing.

Next up, the Knockouts Championship.

Out first is Gail Kim, followed by Brooke and finally, the Knockouts champion ODB.

ODB takes out Brooke with a hard clothesline to kick things off, that’s after Brooke is done trash talking the champ’s attire and hair. Gail rushes in to get the upper hand on ODB, but she’s too quick for the Canadian. ODB clears house, but Brooke is on the offensive after Gail has been knocked to the outside. Brooke takes it to ODB in the corner, and delivers some Asstastic while she’s at it. Brooke gets carried away, distracted by the crowd, and ODB takes the opportunity to knock Brooke down. With her boobs. Those are some powerful boobs.

As Gail heads back into the ring, ODB tries to pin Brooke for the three after a Bronco Buster. Gail rolls up ODB from behind, but doesn’t get a two count before ODB is back on her feet and taking it to her. Gail turns the tables, but not for long. She lines up ODB for the flying corner elbow, but Brooke knocks her out of the ring mid-run! Gail flies out of there and Brooke’s in control now. She takes it to the champ with some hard right forearms in the corner, then hits a facebuster from the top rope for a two count.

Brooke tangles ODB up in the ropes, hits her a few times and climbs on her back, but ODB backs her into the turnbuckle to give herself a minute to recover. Brooke doesn’t give in, and knocks ODB down with a flying forearm to the face, followed by two neckbreakers for a two count. Frustrated, Brooke slams ODB’s head against the canvas.

Gail has been gone for a while.

Oh wait, there she is! She grabs Brooke by the ankles and wraps her in a figure four around the ring post! Vintage Gail Kim!

She drags Brooke back into the ring but Brooke clocks her across the temple. ODB takes Gail out in a huge way, leaving just herself and Brooke alone again. Is it just me, or has Gail done almost nothing yet? ODB and Brooke exchange shots, before Brooke goes for a roll up attempt and gets a two count. ODB traps Brooke in a Boston Crab, but Gail breaks it up with a kick. (I don’t know what she did before the kick, though. Apart from some acrobatics.)

Gail pounds on ODB for a bit, then heads to the top rope. Brooke goes after her, and they go back and forth for a little bit, until ODB joins in and bangs their heads together, before attempting a double superplex. Which would have been awesome. Brooke and Gail shove her back down, and Gail nails ODB with a big missile drop kick. Brooke follows her down, landing a flying elbow on Gail! All three Knockouts are down for a count of seven. Gail and Brooke both go after ODB first, but she’s ready and takes it to them both. She hits a vertical suplex on Gail, which made my toes curl because I thought she was going to drop Gail on her head.

ODB and Gail both manage to hit the referee by accident, and he’s taken out of commission for a little bit. ODB has Gail and Brooke on her shoulders, going for a double Bam! but Brooke falls off, so ODB dumps Gail on top of her.

And then… Lei’D Tapa.

ODB drinks up her liquid courage and she’s ready to go! The champ isn’t backing down!

But Lei’D Tapa lays out ODB with a big boot to the face. Brooke’s on the top rope, ready to go for Gail but she changes her mind and goes for Tapa instead! Tapa catches her in mid air, then powerbombs her into the ring from the ramp! Gail covers Brooke, the ref is back and we have a new Knockouts Champion!

And she’s celebrating with Lei’D Tapa!

Well, well, well…

So much for it being Tapa’s ring? Not sure how I feel about this pairing. Lots of people are saying it’s a blatant rip off of AJ/Tamina, but the bodyguard thing has been done before, countless times. I wish they’d found something more creative for Tapa and her role. I’m not a fan of Gail winning the title; I would much rather have seen Brooke take it tonight. I don’t know who Gail is going into a feud with now, aside from ODB and her rematch, but… I’m not excited about it.

Brooke came out with her man, Bully Ray, in his main event match against AJ Styles, but after that powerbomb I wasn’t expecting her to. Kudos, Brooke.

During the match (if you skip to 17:20 in the video) Bully starts to call someone down to the ring. And out comes Dixie! She hands Bully a steel chair, but it backfires because AJ springboards right on to his opponent, who knocks himself out with said chair. AJ pins Bully after a 450 splash, but Dixie interrupts the referee before he can count. Dixie remains ringside, but AJ picks up the win despite this later on. He then exits through the crowd, title in hand.

You know, I feel like I’ve watched this before…

Dixie can’t believe it as Bound For Glory comes to a close.

I’m not sure how I feel about this Pay-Per-View. The Knockouts match was okay, but the fact that Gail Kim did nothing for most of it and then won was annoying. I found myself wishing they’d added Velvet Sky randomly, too. At least then no one would have lain around on the outside for half of it, doing nothing.

And Lei’D Tapa is a bodyguard now? Not what I’d hoped for, to say the least.

Until Friday, au revoir!

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