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Brandi Rhodes comments on which woman she would bring to AEW

Recently at Starrcast IV, Brandi Rhodes was asked by a fan in regards to which woman she would pick to bring to AEW. Cody Rhodes would later give his thought after his wife asked him for his opinion. Both names mentioned are previous multi-time champions.

Brandi answered the fan with the answer of Alexa Bliss. Bliss is currently a Triple Crown winner in WWE as she is a five-time Women’s Champion (three-time RAW, two-time SmackDown), and held the Women’s Tag Team Championship. Here is what Brandi had to say about her:

“I would take Alexa Bliss in a heartbeat. I love Bliss, I love her. She’s got something. She’s multi-dimensional and talented,” 

Credit: WWE

Cody would agree to that sentiment about Bliss and stated that he loves her theme song. Brandi would then ask him who he would pick. He has decided to go another route.

He stated that he didn’t want to pick someone from WWE or based on his comments, Vince McMahon would sign that individual into another contract. He went to the IMPACT road and selected former Knockouts Champion and possibly the next IMPACT World Champion – Tessa Blanchard.

“The tricky thing about it is if I say someone from WWE, then Vince [McMahon] will sign them for $18 million. They would appreciate it… I think Tessa Blanchard would be a good addition.”

AEW has been receiving many criticisms for its women’s division based on its booking. The talent is there, but it has been lacking as far as getting the women on the screen.

The most recent signing that has been rumored is Big Swole who has recently wrestled for the promotion on an AEW Dark episode. She also participated at the Casino Battle Royale at All Out in August.

Although these two names would be huge for AEW to pick up there aren’t many signs pointing to it happening any time soon.

What were your thoughts on their picks? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Credit to Fightful for the quotes used.

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