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Brandi Rhodes deactivates her Twitter account

AEW’s Chief Brand Officer, Brandi Rhodes has deactivated her Twitter account. Although the exact reason isn’t known on why she decided to leave the social media platform, but may are attributing to the backlash she has received about AEW Heels.

For those of you who may not know, AEW Heels is being boasted as a new community for female wrestling fans. The full statement about it comes from their website and is as follows:

“AEW Heels is a new community for women who love wrestling. The female-forward movement, led by Brandi Rhodes and the stars of AEW’s women’s division, is designed to celebrate and inspire our female fans around the world. AEW Heels is dedicated to making this the best time ever to be a female wrestling fan. Be who you are, and come as you are. Because we’re all going to come together as a community to change the world”

The scrutiny in this is that it has been announced to join this AEW Heels community it would be a $50 per year fee. This also comes with the fact that the women’s division’s booking in AEW is constantly being judged by fans as lacking. The lack of women representation on AEW Dynamite and the unbalance of women’s matches provided on AEW Dark are just some of the complaints.

Rhodes has stated that it is not her that does the booking for the women’s roster. She does say however it was her idea to do the current Deadly Draw Tournament.

Credit: AEW

Fightful caught one of the last tweets made by Rhodes before she deactivated her account. Her response was to the criticism she was receiving:

“Oh for love and lemons…my head is aching. This is not about women’s wrestling. It’s about community for the fans. Now stop droning on and on and on like that little dog barking next door in the dog day heat. Context is key. Reading is comprehension and I…am bored.”

Rhodes advanced in the Deadly Draw Tournament that kicked off on Monday on the YouTube platform. She and Allie defeated Mel and Penelope Ford.

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