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Breaking: Divas Night Might Be Scrapped!

Although last week’s ECW on SciFi featured a backstage segment with GM Teddy Long and assistant Tiffany where it was announced that this week’s ECW would be dedicated to the Divas, it seems as though this has been cancelled!

ECW has released a match listing and a preview for Tuesday’s ECW, and it is definitely not dedicated to the Divas. In fact, numerous other sources are reporting that DirecTV’s listed preview for ECW only mentions that ECW Champion Jack Swagger will be making an appearance. The announced card for the event is listed as Jack Swagger & Tyson Kidd vs. Tommy Dreamer and Evan Bourne, Morrison vs Carlito, and MVP’s VIP Lounge… and that’s it! If the WWE decides to have the Divas mentioned to hype the Battle Royal, it will probably only be for a segment or two at the most since there won’t be a whole lot of empty time in between those matches.

ECW will be taped tonight following Raw, so what officially happens will remain to be seen. If it doesn’t happen tonight, then next week’s ECW is the last chance to do Divas Night before WrestleMania 25 on April 5. It’s still a possibility… but who knows! WWE never even mentioned anything about Divas Night on WWE.com!

Looking back, though, when Howard Finkel blogged about Divas Night, he said that Tiffany “had a great idea for an upcoming episode of ECW” and never technically said it would be this week. In the actual clip, Tiffany says Divas Night would be “one night” for the Divas. I guess there’s still a chance of it happening next week, but regardless, there is no Divas Night this week! Let’s just hope it’s not really cancelled!

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