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Britney Young on Season 2 of GLOW

It’s been one year this month since GLOW embraced us with its presence on Netflix.

GLOW is a show based off of the 1980’s promotion of the same name, Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. The show was met with stellar ratings and a positive reaction. With season two slated to debut on Netflix on June 29th, Britney Young, who plays Carmen “Machu Picchu” Wade, was interviewed in regards to the upcoming season.

Here we see Young in an iconic scene in season 1, where she watches as her costars Alison Brie and Betty Gilpin learn how to wrestle:

Based off of TV Insider it is said that Young’s experience on GLOW has been life-changing and that she feels love and support from the fans.

Young on how taking this role has affected her:

“It has been so nice. I love when people come up to say how the show resonated with them. There have been things they’ve caught on to that I didn’t even notice that is so great. Hopefully, Season 2 will have the same effect.”

Young on memorable moments in her real life as a result of her success:

Young recalls an interaction with a fan while she was with her mother:

“My mom started tearing up, saying, ‘We need to take a picture. We need to remember this,’” Young recalled. “She was more excited than I think me, or the fan were. …

“Another memorable time for me was when a couple of us girls taped Drop the Mic. We had so much fun, but Method Man is huge GLOW fan. He is a huge Carmen fan. He was chanting in the audience, ‘Machu! Machu!’ That was one of the weird moments where I’ve known this man all my life. I listened to him and Wu Tang, and he knows who I am.”

Young on GLOW’s Instagram page from Season 1:

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Young on what to expect for Season 2:

“We really do dive into these characters a lot more and get to know them beyond the wrestling ring,” she said. “You see new friendships form, new relationships form, but also new rivalries as well. You get to see them experience being a little bit famous for a hot second, and how people react to it.”

“There is a lot more wrestling. What I love about Season 2 is that we really make stories out of the minutiae in life. We have some crazy funny storylines that you wouldn’t necessarily think someone would put on TV, but here we go. It’s on TV and hilarious.”

“When they become little micro-celebrities this season, it’s so interesting to see how each girl reacts to that. Melrose wants to be signing autographs and taking pictures. Then you have Sheila who is like, ‘No, I’m just here to wrestle. Don’t come talk to me.’ It’s really interesting to see how different these characters are, yet how relatable they actually are.”

Last month, Young tweeted about the recent photo shoot from Entertainment Weekly:

Young responds to wrestling more in this upcoming season:

“I think them having the trust in me really was something where I knew I can do this,” Young said. “I do have my little side coach Kia [Stevens] there. I do talk to her a lot for insights. She helps a lot.”

“For myself, I think I wrestled more than I acted this season, which was a lot of fun … There were times I had to wrestle four or five of the girls, so I really did have to step it up. It was a lot of fun to see how far we can go. Kate Nash and I have a move that I’m just in love with. I can’t believe they let us do it. It was insane. I think everyone will be taken aback at how great a wrestler Kate is.”

“I respect the sport too much to say, ‘Hey, I can take on some WWE wrestlers. Put me in the ring,” Young said. “They are amazing. What they do is insane and takes such dedication and passion for the sport. I would respectfully have to say, ‘I’m not even close to your level.’”

Young on the specifics topics we can see for Season 2:?

“There are so many things we bring up in discussing relationships, discussing love and careers. And even delving into things like betrayal, trust, health care and abortion. You realize we are talking about things that affect all humans. It’s not just a women’s issue show.”

“I think coming into Season 2, we do talk about harassment in the workplace and what you are willing to do to get your career off the ground and what are you willing to do to stand up for yourself and say, ‘No, this is not right.’ I don’t think that is a women’s issue. I think it’s a human issue and something everyone can relate to.”

“I am happy we are bringing up these things, especially with the #MeToo movement. We’re not discussing the #MeToo movement per se as we are discussing things that happen to women in this industry and then expanding it in this world …”

“This was all happening in the 1980s, and unfortunately, it’s still happening to women. I think regardless, we would still be discussing these issues because that is what is happening in this world and environment.”

Check out the ‘Maniac” trailer for Season 2:

Don’t miss Young on Drop the Mic coming up on June 10th, as she teams with her costars Kate Nash, Jackie Tohn, and Sunita Mali. The square off against WWE’s leading ladies, Nikki Bella, Brie Bella, Alicia Fox, and Carmella.

Are you excited for Season 2? Who is your favorite lady of GLOW? What was your favorite memory from Season 1? Let us know in the comments!!

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