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Brodus Clay Talks ‘Total Divas’ Incident with Cameron: “I Guess She Looked at it as an Opportunity”

If you’ll think back to five weeks ago, the premiere episode of Total Divas took place the week of WrestleMania 29. Tensions were running high, and Cameron was seen breaking down over an incident with Tons of Funk stablemate Brodus Clay, which took place off-camera during match rehearsals.

Clay recently spoke to The Fight Network about the incident, which saw Cameron’s boyfriend Vincent threaten to start a fight with him. He appears to suggest that the drama was all for the Total Divas cameras, as Cameron wasn’t usually one to shed tears and Vincent didn’t confront him personally about it.

He said, “I think he [Vincent] was doing that display for the cameras. Up until that day, I had never seen Cameron cry a day in her life. She’s always been a tough, very confident, very outspoken woman. Some would say she could even be a bit bullying at times… Vincent’s thing, I think, was more for the cameras because I saw him at the end of the night, and he definitely wasn’t yelling and screaming at me.”

Brodus also revealed the source of the friction: Cameron’s behavior towards Clay’s partner Tensai.

He shared, “When he [Sweet T] says something, you should probably respect it, and that wasn’t done. I said something to her about it, and she said something to me about it, and I said ‘I’m not dealing with it’ and I walked away. And I guess she looked at it as an opportunity, I’m not really sure.”

From Brodus’s comments it looks like the incident, while not entirely fabricated, was played up for the Total Divas cameras. That shouldn’t come as a shock, as that is commonly done for reality shows.

You can watch the full interview on The Fight Network.


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