Sunday, August 7, 2022

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Brooke Adams to appear on season two of TLC’s “Rattled”

Earlier this year, Brooke Adams made a surprise, and very brief, return to Impact Wrestling. While many fans were left wondering if the she would return to the company, come this summer, they will be able to catch the former three-time Knockouts Champion on a new reality show.

Brooke has announced via Twitter that she and her fiancé Weston Wayne will be be appearing on the second season of TLC’s “Rattled”, a project that they’ve been on working since last year!

“Rattled” follows the lives of five couples as they face the joys and challenges in their new journey of parenthood. Brooke and Weston welcomed their first son Jace in September 2016.

Watch a preview to season two of Rattled below:

You can read TLC‘s preview Brooke & Weston’s story below:

  • Weston & Brooke: To call Brooke the hottest future mama in Houston would be accurate, since she’s a champion pro wrestler. At a party a few years ago, she “sank her claws” into Weston, and they’ve been together ever since. Brooke and Weston were just starting to talk about getting engaged when she found out she was pregnant. Being in the ring and being pregnant don’t mix, so as happy as Brooke is about the baby, she’s panicking about her next move. Then, Weston decides he wants to quit his day job and start a new business–just a few weeks before the baby is born! Brooke is terrified they won’t be able to support their child, and is reconsidering her retirement from the ring.

Season two of Rattled premieres July 11th. For more information on Rattled, visit

Will you be watching Brooke and Weston on “Rattled” this summer?

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