Tuesday, October 3, 2023

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Candice Michelle Injury Update… Will She Miss WrestleMania?


Although she has been making appearances for GoDaddy.com, Raw Diva Candice Michelle is still out of action with yet another injury, as many people speculated. These reports were confirmed when the script/roster sheet leaked and had Candice on the injured list.

Candice is suffering from an ankle injury, which she apparently obtained in the ring about 2 weeks ago. The last time she was seen on Raw was during a run-in on the February 16th edition of Raw, so she may have injured her ankle then.

Since it seems to be just a minor injury, Candice will only be missing another week or two at the most of ring-time (not that she was getting much of it anyway) and will be officially cleared to wrestle again as of March 23rd or early April at the latest, meaning she will be back just in time to participate in the Diva Battle Royal at WrestleMania 25 on April 5th.

You can now breathe a sigh of relief!

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