Monday, September 25, 2023

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Carmella calls out social media trolls

Carmella took to social media to call out the hate and abuse she receives online saying the problem is “at an all time high”.

The former SmackDown Women’s Champion posted a no filter, no makeup image of herself on Instagram along with the following words:

“It’s been a while since I’ve posted a no makeup, non-filtered selfie. Do I love getting dressed up and having my hair and makeup done? Yes! But a majority of my time is spent in sweats with no makeup on my face and my hair in a bun..that’s MY reality most of the time. So I need to do better with being real with you all on here. To be completely honest, being on Instagram and Twitter recently has been hard. The hate and the threats are at an all time high, it’s quite disturbing actually. I usually just try to post and leave it alone, but it’s hard to NOT read the negativity sometimes. Y’all can be so cruel. Luckily, I know who I am. I’m not going to let you get to me. I just wanted to post this as a friendly reminder not to believe everything you read and see on the internet. Do you, for you.”

Unfortunately, trolls with needless and unnecessary comments are the ugly side of social media. Multiple wrestlers have been victims of the vile and nasty cowards. Hopefully, those who make such comments are reported, banned, and held accountable for their snide actions.

In better news, Carmella was recently victorious in the first round of the first-ever Queen’s Crown Tournament.

Carmella in WWE

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