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Carmella comments on her frustrations with the lack of focus of the WWE Women’s Division

There’s no hiding that the current state of the women’s division for WWE’s RAW and SmackDown has been lackluster to put it politely. With rosters bursting with talent, it is entirely frustrating as a viewer to see little to no effort being put into storylines, fresh matches, or even enough TV time.

Carmella has been vocal about recent booking in the past including a complaint about the lack of women that were represented at WrestleMania. She was the most recent guest on The Bella Twins podcast and she aired out the same frustration many fans have been experiencing also.

“Even, myself, I would sit at home and watch Raw and it would be 10 p.m. before I would see a woman on the show,” said Carmella. 

“It’s like, ‘this is a three-hour show. What the hell?’ Even if I’m just a fan, which I am. Like if I didn’t work at WWE and I was just sitting at home watching, I want to see the women. That’s why I tune in. If I’m waiting until 10 p.m. to see a girl, it’s like, ‘what the hell?’ That’s not okay for little girls at home or whoever is watching waiting for the women.

It just feels like oh, now, there’s only a focus on maybe two women or one women’s storyline. Like you were saying back when you [The Bella Twins] were there, we had 3 women’s storylines on a 2-hour show and that was when I was still with James [Ellsworth], so we know it’s a possibility. We know that they’re capable of doing that. I think sometimes there’s this weird shift and people kind of forget. We need to remind them, no. We are a big part of the show.

We don’t have to have matches every week, we can do promo segments or backstage segments, even a 30-second insert into the show, just to show hey, here she is. She’s represented on the show. Then, if people are talking about it, maybe next week we give her a little bit of a longer segment because people want to see that. Whether it’s me, or whoever it may be.” [h/t – Fightful]

Carmella also spoke about the recent releases of Billie Kay and Peyton Royce. She teamed with Kay at WrestleMania in the Women’s Tag Team Turmoil match just days before the release occurred. This was perhaps the most shocking to fans that someone who was just utilized in a WrestleMania event was released from the company. Royce also had a recent match against Asuka and had a highly talked about promo on RAW Talk.

She also talks about how her gimmick that was such a high focus for months has now been pushed away since her break up with Reginald. Carmella was looking forward to doing more with Billie and also had said that she would have loved a New Day-like faction to include Bayley.

“I don’t know what the right or wrong things to say is. All I can speak from is my experience and we were super excited for this story and I felt like, okay, I’m done with this whole sexy gimmick that they want me to do, which is fine. It’s fun to be sexy, but I feel like I wanted to show my personality more. I wanted to show a little bit more of a fun side and I was looking forward to doing that with Billie. Like you said, our entrance alone, she was cracking me up. So I was really looking forward to seeing where that was going to go and unfortunately, we can’t do that anymore. Even Peyton, those two were some of my closest friends since they got here. So it was the first time I was really rocked by a release.”

What do you think of Carmella’s comments? Leave your thoughts below.

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