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Carmella is no. 30 entrant in 2018 Royal Rumble

WWE Mixed Match Challenge Season 2 has been a real mixed bag. This season added two more episodes and five more minutes per, making it 14 30-minute episodes.

It seemed like it dragged on forever though, in part because of the change to a round-robin style bracket. The who’s who list of wrestlers who were replaced due to injuries, or new storylines didn’t help, either. That said, the announcement the winners would be the no. 30 entrants in their respective Royal Rumble matches piqued my interest.

Last week’s semifinals determined who would advance to the finals at TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs. Alicia Fox and Jinder Mahal’s team Mahalicia defeated Bayley and Apollo Crews to represent Raw. On the SmackDown side, Fabulous Truth, Carmella and R-Truth, upset last year’s winners Awe-ska after Asuka turned on the Miz.

Last night, the Mixed Match Challenge finals aired on TLC.

It was mostly a fun match, even though it got a little sloppy towards the end. Nonetheless, now we know the no. 30 entrant in next year’s women’s Royal Rumble match will be Carmella. She and R-Truth won, making it official, after Alicia tapped out to the Code of Silence.

Carmella the no. 30 entrant
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Carmella won the first ever women’s Money in the Bank ladder match and successfully cashed in her contract on Charlotte, making her a viable threat. And to be honest, she’s a lot more entertaining as a face.

The heavily sought-after no. 30 spot obviously gives her an advantage, but historically only three wrestlers who entered at no. 30 won the match in the 30 years the match has been around.

Following the events of the SmackDown Women’s Championship match, this year’s Royal Rumble match is coming together. With storylines heating up and the inevitable dance break set to occur, we’re in for a treat. All things considered, it could possibly even be better than last year’s match.

Be sure to check back with Diva Dirt for more updates on the women’s Royal Rumble.

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