Thursday, November 30, 2023

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Celebrity Fan Prinze on Michelle and Layla

Celebrity WWE fan, Freddie Prinze Jr. who has an account on WWE Fan Nation posted a new blog about the match between Layla and Michelle on SmackDown and it seems Mr. Buffy the Vampire Slayer is on the same wavelength as yours truly:

Am I sensing a theme?Am I trippin’? Or are our wrestlers getting more time to, you know, wrestle?

Michelle vs Layla seemed longer than normal. This is a GOOD thing. Normally, Michelle would get beat on, come back, and win. Tonight, she took some, came back, took more, put Layla on her back and instead of 123, Layla kicks out! (i was like what? my imaginary friend was like, yeah bro, they’re wrestling) Now lets forget that Michelle wins with a quick tap by Layla. GOD BLESS MICHELLE for adapting MMA into her game. I know people will argue with me, but i really see a BIG TIME place for this in WWE. (getting distracted by finishers) After last week’s BIG TIME match between Punk and MVP and this week’s matches going long as well … Koslov VS Noble. (watching Kane MVP right now, have to stop typing)

My opinion is you give your stars a shot at maintaining a longer match, one with a story. you learn VERY QUICKLY who can handle it and who can not. Michelle has the goods, has the submission finisher (great when really extended), and has the endurance, RING endurance, for a nice showdown with Natalya (who looked crazy hot tonight)

So nice work Ms Mc Cool, nice work. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Hmm, I wonder what Buffy would think about her husband watching scantily clad Divas? I mean, isn’t it obvious who wears the pants in that relationship? However, it is cool to see Freddie see what we, more attuned Diva fans can see. I always knew I shared a connection with Buffy… Good times!

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