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Charlotte Flair has her suspension lifted by Sonya Deville on RAW

It has been one week to the day that Charlotte Flair was both “suspended and fined” for her actions on last week’s RAW. WWE authority Adam Pearce made this decision after Flair viciously attacked a WWE referee after her loss in the main event against Asuka. Thanks to RAW Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley who assisted Asuka with the win, this caused Flair to lose it and wouldn’t let up on the official – Eddie Orengo.

If Flair’s appearance already one week removed from her suspension wasn’t shocking enough, Sonya Deville being the one to reinstate her was just as shocking. Deville has been based on SmackDown since her return as an authority figure to help out Pearce. She showed up to RAW and in what she says was a last-minute decision ushered in Flair through the backstage area before making their way out to the ring.

Once in the ring, Deville explains that Flair had paid her fine of $100,000 in full. Flair openly apologizes to both WWE management and to Orengo face-to-face. Orengo accepted Flair’s apology and admittedly said that he never saw Ripley interfere last week. If he did then Flair would have definitely won the match.

Once the fine was paid and the apology was done, Deville then used her power to reinstate Flair officially and book her in a match for later in the night. Flair had one last thing though and that is she wanted an apology from Orengo. If he admits that it was ultimately his fault then she felt he should apologize. He does so and Deville states he will officiate Flair’s match later in the night.

After Deville and Flair made their way backstage, Pearce greeted them and was not pleased. He was upset that Deville didn’t consult with him first. She apologized saying it was a last-minute decision right before the show and she couldn’t find him to let him know. He didn’t buy the apology. Moments later he was caught on the phone talking [to someone who wasn’t revealed] about the power going to Deville’s head.

Flair’s opponent is later decided to be Mandy Rose.

Rose and her tag team partner Dana Brooke were backstage when Deville approached them. Moments before, Rose & Brooke humiliated Nia Jax once again out at ringside by causing her to slip not once but twice on a wet floor after throwing a bucket of water at Shayna Baszler. Deville said the way they have treated Jax was uncalled for even though she isn’t surprised by it.

The match between Flair and Rose almost was an upset but Flair was able to get the pin after hitting Natural Selection. During the match, Flair almost lost her temper on Orengo once again. He would wind up in the way of the action at one point when had him secluded in the corner. While he was distracted by this, Flair had Rose pinned for what she felt was a three-count but only got two.

As for any further comradery between Deville and Flair is unknown at this point. Deville is however scheduled for RAW Talk following RAW.

What were your thoughts of what transpired with Flair and Deville tonight? Leave your thoughts below.

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