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Chelsea Green Would Like To See Steph De Lander & Matt Cardona Return To WWE

It should come as no shock that Chelsea Green would love to have her husband, the former Zack Ryder, Matt Cardona back in WWE. Cardona has been taking the indie world by storm and has made appearances for both TNA and AEW since his WWE departure. Along with him has been Steph De Lander.

Currently working with TNA, De Lander was formerly in NXT under the name Persia Pirotta. She had a tag team with Indi Hartwell. De Lander was a victim of the massive lay offs back in 2022.

While speaking to Gorilla Position, Green answered if she would want to see Cardona return to WWE. She threw in De Lander also.

“I hope so. [Asked if Cardona would be her valet] No, I actually think I don’t want him anywhere near me in wrestling. We had a long two years together. We lived together, we wrestled together, we rode together. [Asked if it was too much] Have you ever lived, worked, and drove and flew with your [spouse]? Exactly. You should try it one day. You’d know, you would never ask me that question. My husband is very high-strung, very, and we go about life differently. I’m an easygoing, easy-breezy girl. He is not an easy breezy girl. [Laughs] He is not at all. He is actually the opposite of an easy-breezy girl. So I would like him back, and then I would like him to be with Steph De Lander,” Green said. (Fightful)

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