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Daffney is set to appear for GAW TV on July 21

Former WCW and TNA talent Daffney will be appearing on the next episode of GAW TV (Grown Ass Women). For those that may not be familiar with GAW TV, it is a YouTube podcast that is hosted by SoCal Val, Lisa Marie Varon, and Mickie James. Daffney’s episode will air on July 21.

Daffney is mostly known for her time in WCW and TNA. She has done work on the indie scene primarily for the SHIMMER promotion. She has faced the likes of The Beautiful People, Taylor Wilde, and had a prominent feud against Tara (Lisa Marie Varon). She is also one of only three women to have ever won the WCW/WWF Cruiserweight Championship. The other two women on that list are Madusa and Jacqueline.

Daffney officially retired from her in-ring career in 2015.

The title for the upcoming episode also states that Mickie James will provide an announcement for the upcoming all-women NWA Empowerrr event.

What are some of your favorite moments from Daffney? Discuss in the comment section below.

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