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Daniel Bryan Talks Proposing to Brie Bella, Playing a Joke on the ‘Total Divas’ Crew

Daniel Bryan, the soon-to-be Mr. Brie Bella, spoke to about filming for Total Divas and how his proposal to Brie turned into a rib on the Total Divas crew.

Filming Total Divas: “I’m very lucky that I am not featured on the reality show. I am a guest that comes in and out of the shots based on them filming Brie. But Brie, they’re filming her all the time, and it’s brutal. [Laughs.] But it’s a good show, and it’s been doing really well, and I think a lot of good stuff is going to come of it.”

Deciding where to propose to Brie: “I actually got Brie’s ring back in May, so it’s been several months. The problem is, with our schedule, is finding time to do something special. And no offense to Bowling Green, Kentucky, but I don’t want to propose to Brie in Bowling Green, Kentucky, while we’re doing a live event on a Friday after taking a red-eye flight, and we’re both exhausted. We were both ready to get engaged earlier this year, but I wanted it to be special, and it was worth the wait.”

Ribbing the Total Divas crew during the proposal: “Quite frankly, by the time that that happened, they were barely there because we’d just done a 5-mile hike. Imagine those people, they don’t know where I’m proposing, right? They’re hoping that it’s at the beginning of the hike, but absolutely not. [Laughs.] I waited until we’re at the top of the cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, and everybody’s drenched in sweat, and they’ve got the cameras and sound stuff, and nobody was even sure that’s when I was going to propose. They just had to film us that entire time. It was almost like my own practical joke on the reality-show people to make them hike this far with all of this equipment, and then that’s when the biggest moment happens, when they’re completely mentally and physically unprepared for it.”

Will he shave his beard for the wedding?: “It’ll be interesting to see if she wants me cleanshaven for the wedding or not. I don’t know if I could shave my beard right now if I wanted to. We’re filming SmackDown tonight. Imagine if I just showed up to the arena tonight cleanshaven, how mad everyone would be. [Laughs.] It’s no longer something that I can control myself. I have to accept that this is what I am.”

Something tells us that there will be a title vs. beard match booked the week before the wedding.

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Should Daniel go beard-less for the wedding?

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