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DD Power 15: May 21 to May 28

Welcome to this week’s Power 15 Rankings curated by us here at Diva-Dirt. This week we are reviewing women’s action across several companies. We are including NXT Battleground and AEW Double or Nothing in this week’s ranking.

As well as the 15 women featured, two wildcards will be featured each week chosen by Nick and Gary. These wildcards are for women who didn’t quite make the ranking but are ones to watch for the week ahead. Without further ado, let’s get in to it.

Please Note: This list is subjective to us at Diva Dirt. We encourage our readers for respectful and enjoyable conversations.

Gary’s Wildcard – Lash Legend & Jakara Jackson

It finally looks like we will see the tandem of Lash Legend and Jakara Jackson get involved in the main NXT show after being LvL Up mainstays for some time.

At Battleground, Jackson would hit the ring during the Heritage Cup match and appear to go to strike Dragon Lee until the referee stopped her. This proved to be a ploy as Legend would then appear through the crowd and clobber Lee with a bucket and aid Noam Dar in retaining his cup.

This move comes as somewhat of a swerve as the two seemed unimpressed by Dar in recent weeks but this new stable, also featuring Mensah, will be an interesting watch on NXT.

Nick’s Wildcard – Saki Kashima

Seems to have been the week for long title reigns to come to an end as, after winning a triple threat match featuring AZM and Fukigen Death, Saki Kashima would end AZM’s 458 day reign as High Speed Champion.

This makes Kashima the 23rd champion for the title and, as she noted on Twitter, the first singles title she has won in her 12 year career!

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