Tuesday, October 3, 2023

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DD Power 15: May 29 to June 03

Welcome to this week’s Power 15 Rankings curated by us here at Diva-Dirt. This week we are reviewing women’s action across several companies. We are including NXT Battleground and AEW Double or Nothing in this week’s ranking.

As well as the 15 women featured, two wildcards will be featured each week chosen by Nick and Gary. These wildcards are for women who didn’t quite make the ranking but are ones to watch for the week ahead. Without further ado, let’s get in to it.

Please Note: This list is subjective to us at Diva Dirt. We encourage our readers for respectful and enjoyable conversations.

Gary’s Wildcard – Ivy Nile

Since splitting from her former partner, Tatum Paxley, Ivy Nile has mostly been ringside in support of The Diamond Mine but most of us remember how dominant Nile was in her earlier days of competition and long for a return to form from Nile.

She won’t be participating in the battle royal set for this week’s episode but does seem to be seeking a match with Ava in what will hopefully be a pit stop on her road to championship contendership down the line.

Nick’s Wildcard – Thea Hail

Chase U seems to be going in a different direction as of late with some new teachers on board that seems to have inspired a more aggressive Thea Hail.

In the celebration for our new NXT Women’s Champion, a brawl would break out as the locker room pounced on Tiffany Stratton but it would be Hail who struck the first blow after rushing the ring first. If Hail could survive all other competitors, she could make for an interesting first challenger to Stratton’s reign.

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