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Dead Ringers: Trish Stratus and Yvonne Strahovski

Have you ever thought that a certain Diva resembled another celebrity out there? Ever done double-take while watching a movie or TV show and thought “Hang on, isn’t that so-and-so?” Well we certainly have! Diva Dirt’s Dead Ringers aims to seek out our Divas celeb dopplegangers and highlight them here, for you to vote whether there’s a passing resemblance or not! Also feel free to suggest your own dead ringers by e-mailing us at [email protected].


The Diva: The legendary 7-time Women’s Champion, Trish Stratus.

The Celeb: Australian actress, Yvonne Strahovski. Yvonne stars in the ridonkulously funny NBC series, Chuck along side Zachary Levi and Adam Baldwin. She plays the ultra sexy CIA agent assigned to Chuck, moonlighting as his ‘cover girlfriend’ and working in a frozen yoghurt shop.

This isn’t just a case of ‘all blondes look alike’, I don’t know why but I’ve always noticed a similarity between these two blonde bombshells. Perhaps it’s in the facial features? Another reason they both look alike could be due to the fact that both are of Polish descent.

Anyway, let’s turn over to you. What do you think? Is Yvonne Strahotski a dead ringer for our Trish or do I need my eyes tested?

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PS: Feel free to recommend your own dead ringers by e-mail or comment.

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