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Diva B-Sides: Maria


We can all agree that, with a few exceptions, Divas get the short end of the stick when comes to entrance themes. While the male superstars get music from actual bands and artists or custom made songs with lyrics, Divas get stuck with crappy production music. If I had the chance I would change all the Divas music to something a little… well, better. Hence, Diva B-Sides was born; a Diva Dirt exclusive where we match WWE Divas and TNA Knockouts with new entrance themes. Today B-Side is for Smackdown’s resident (and I use this term loosely) fashionista, Maria:



Maria actually happen to be one of the only Divas on the roster to have an actual song for her entrance theme. Unfortunately, that doesnt make it any less annoying.

I was never a fan of Zebrahead (the band that made her theme),  so I was cringing long before I heard the entire song. I decided to pick a band that is equally nasally, but half as annoying.

“Drop The Girl” sounds strangely similar to “With Legs Like That”. They both have a punk rock feel that compliments Maria image, or at least the image she’s trying to convey. The best part however, is the subliminal messages not-s0-hidden in there. “Drop the Girl/She’s not worth the time”. Hmm… I’ll leave it at that.

Hear Maria’s B-side and my second pick after the cut:

[audio:04 Drop The Girl.mp3]


In my last Diva B-Side, Melanie suggested this song for our current Women’s Champion, Michelle McCool. However,  I feel this song is better suited to our flame-haired Diva. It has a spastic energy to it, which is appropriate because ‘spastic’ is one of my top five words to describe Maria. It also has that feminine touch that my first pick is lacking:

[audio:09 Whyyawannabringmedown.mp3]

So what do you guys think? Do you you want to add these songs to your playlist or are you ready to flip the record. Leave your thoughts and suggestions in the comments. If you have Diva B-Sides of your own e-mail to me at [email protected] with Diva B-Sides in the subject line. Maybe you’ll see your pick in a future post.

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