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Diva B-Sides: The Beautiful People, Gail and Sojo

We can all agree that, except for a few exceptions, Divas get the short end of the stick when comes to entrance themes. While the male superstars get music from actual bands and artists or custom made songs with lyrics, Divas get stuck with crappy production music. If I had the chance I would change all the Divas music to something a little… well, better. And that’s just what I’m going to do. Here’s a few changes I would make to the Divas’ soundtrack:


The name say it all. If there was a phrase to describe this malicious trio, it would be “Drama Queen”. Besides the name, the song’s rock and roll feel fits their image perfectly. I originally picked “Bad Girl” by Danity Kane for them, but I didn’t think it complimented them as well. 

• • • • •

GAIL KIM“DIRTY DESIRE” BY UTADA (submitted by Melanie)

This song was brought to my attention by my favorite editor-in-chief, Melanie. I agree that this is an awesome match for Smackdown’s newest diva, Gail Kim. It has that WWE entrance theme feel, without being cheesy. The “Love you long time” line is borderline offensive, but I guess it’s OK since she said it . Anyone who has heard Gail’s new theme would agree this is a welcome change, I’m sure.  

• • • • •


With Sojourner Bolt’s new face turn, I think a upbeat new theme would fit her great. The song has a good beat, even if the group who sings it is massively annoying. The lyrics support Sojo’s theory that Awesome Kong and Raisha Saeed are  out to get her. Too bad a great theme won’t help Sojo get over with the fans.

Leave your opinions and suggestion in the comments. Enjoy!

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