Monday, December 4, 2023

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Diva Couture: Kaitlyn Gets an Upgrade

I love Kaitlyn. She’s beautiful. She’s funny. She has two-toned hair.

I love Kaitlyn so much, I even proposed to her at WrestleMania Axxess this past year.

She politely declined. This may have been because I warned her that I was a raging homosexual moments before the proposal.

But I digress, I absolutely love Kaitlyn. And now, I can officially say I love everything about her. What was the one thing I used to not love so much about our NXT Rookie Diva? Her attire.

I mean…what happened?

I can’t be too hard on the girl, though. She does wear a fanny pack so fashion clearly isn’t her main focus, but did no one mention to her that she looks like a highlighter?

Kaitlyn used to don some sort of Lycra material outfit with neon ties and coloring everywhere. It wasn’t a great look. I guess it was supposed to show that this girl was wild, different from all the Divas but it really just made it look like she was lost in the ’80s. Her outfits reminded me of something a female Dolph Ziggler would wear. That’s not a good thing. I love that man, but his attire look HIDEOUS.

I was shocked at Survivor Series when I saw Kaitlyn appear in a whole new outfit. She wore a black top with a nice slit in it across her chest. She was wearing green cargo pants with black boots. I thought I was looking at my beloved Trish Stratus, but no. This was KAITLYN! For once, she didn’t look like a girl just breaking into the business. She looked like a competitor, she looked like a threat.

Unfortunately, Kaitlyn was not victorious in her match with Eve at Survivor Series but she looked stunning. I think her new look will definitely help her be taken more seriously and move her way up in the Divas division.

Side note: Her mugshot is fabulous.

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