Saturday, December 2, 2023

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Divas Get Spoofed… By Kim Kardashian

Apparently Kim Kardashian is so multi-talented that she has the right to spoof other people. The former Playboy covergirl and socialite wrote in her latest blog at her official website that she and co-star Carmen Electra will be spoofing the WWE Divas in their latest movie, “Disaster Movie.” Thanks to visitor, Christie for sending us the scoop:

Today was the best day on the set of so far… my wrestling scene with the
absolutely gorgeous Carmen Electra! (By the way, I can reveal that the movie
title is Disaster Movie and it comes out Labor Day weekend!!!)

We spoof the WWE Divas in the scene, which was absolutely hilarious to do.

What gives Kim the right to mock someone else? What is she famous for other than her butt? Yeah, exactly. Though I would love to see Kim and Carmen’s take on Ashley and Candice (Oh my god, Carmen would make the perfect Candice!). They better not spoof the talented ones.

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