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Double Dose of FCW Watch: Naomi vs Sonia + AJ, Kaitlyn, & Caylee vs Sonia, Audrey, & Raquel

Time to play FCW catch up, as two weeks worth of episodes were released last night featuring a multitude of Divas in action. The first kicks off with a segment involving recently removed general manager, Maxine, before transitioning into a “scheduled” match between Naomi and Aksana. The week following highlights a six Diva tag team match featuring AJ, Kaitlyn, and the TV in-ring debut of Caylee Turner (Christina Crawford) against Sonia, Audrey Marie, and the also TV ring debut of Raquel Diaz (Shaul Guerrero).

Check out the action below!

We head to the back where Maxine and William Regal stand in the office of Steve Keirn. Maxine questions if Keirn got the letters from her attorney stating that the charges against her were nonexistant and that she was right. However, he decides to leave Norman Smiley in charge, which infuriates Maxine. William Regal attempts to stand up for the bombshell, but after being threatened with a revealing scandal caught on film, he changes his tune and supports Norman as the general manager.

We head to the arena, where Naomi makes her entrance for a Divas Championship match against Aksana. The champion, however, enters without her title, crown, and debuting her new look on FCW. She takes the microphone and tells “Narmi” that while she thought they were having a match, it’s not going to be happening. This brings out the GM, Norman Smiley, who tells Naomi that she will instead face Sonia, who enters in tow with her partner, Audrey Marie to stand ringside.

The bell rings as the two lock up before a break occurs. Sonia piefaces Naomi, sparking the former Champ to hit a nice dropkick to send Sonia down. Sonia counters an Irish Whip attempt but Naomi manages to fly out of the corner and hit the butt bump for a one count. From there, Naomi applies a rear chin lock, but Sonia elbows out and sends her into the ropes. Naomi snaps a kick off and Sonia goes for a drop toe hold but Naomi stops herself from colliding with the ropes. This only saves her momentarily, as Sonia kicks her in the shoulder for a two count. Audrey screams at a fan, as Sonia applies a nice modified surfboard. She chokes Naomi in the ropes, followed by the corner as well. Sonia begins going crazy with screams and punches, until Naomi hits her in the stomach.

Sonia goes for a suplex, but Naomi counters it into a small package for a two. Sonia then drops her with a clothesline, as Audrey Marie approves at ringside. Sonia with a slap, which frustrates Naomi into some kicks and punches. Sonia sends Naomi into the ropes, but Naomi flies off with a crossbody followed up with a forearm and then a flipping clothesline. Kick to the stomach and a bodyslam follows as Naomi goes for some type of move but the camera turns to Audrey and we dont really see what it was. Sonia goes for a suplex but Naomi slips out and hits the running leg lariat for the victory!

The upbeat theme of AJ hits, as out comes she and fellow Chickbusters partner, Kaitlyn, as well as Tough Enough alumni, Caylee Turner. Following the three of them comes Sonia, Audrey Marie, and Raquel Diaz (who notably does the infamous Guerrero pose during her entrance). As all six women stand in the ring, the bell sounds as Turner and Diaz start things out.

They lock up as William Regal smartly explains that Raquel wants to make a name for herself which is why she doesn’t use the Guerrero name. The two fight for leverage, as Raquel takes Caylee down with by the hair. She then takes advantage with a wrist lock, as Turner flips over and kips up to reverse the pressure and take Raquel down. Diaz charges off the ropes but Caylee ducks down and connects with a dropkick. Arm drag to follow up, and then a Northern Lights Suplex for a one count.

Turner tags out to AJ, as Raquel scurries to her corner and tags in a surprised Sonia. AJ connects with a kick to the stomach but Sonia soon takes control. Audrey Marie tags in as the duo double teams AJ with a clothesline to the corner. Audrey tosses AJ down and then applies a sick bow & arrow which basically stretches AJ like a pretzel, as Ricardo Rodriguez enters the arena to scout the divas.

AJ flips over for a near fall, as Audrey applies a chokehold and tags Raquel back in. Sonia then enters the mix and flips AJ down, before Raquel quick tags back in and chokes AJ. Diaz with a kick, before bending the arms of AJ back and applying her boot to the back in a submission maneuver. She teases with AJ and steps on her hand, as Sonia tags in. She sends AJ into the second rope and charges, but Lee manages to move out of the way and send Sonia flying out of the ring.

Kaitlyn and Audrey make the tag for their respective teams, as the NXT 3 winner hits a low dropkick, followed by a spinning elbow. She sends Marie into the corner and hits a slightly off sidewalk slam for a near fall. Kaitlyn rolls through into a pin fall but accidentally runs into Raquel and knocks her off the apron as Audrey breaks the pin. Sonia runs to check on her, as AJ and Caylee head over to take them down. Meanwhile, Kaitlyn executes a backslide in the ring and pins Audrey’s shoulders to the mat to score the victory for her team!

Thoughts: I thought the segment with Maxine was fun, I’m enjoying this angle between her and William Regal and I hope to see more of it as the episodes progress. I thought Naomi vs. Sonia was decent, I enjoyed it until towards the end it started to get a little off. I did like Audrey’s screaming at fans though, in particular. The six Diva tag match was pretty refreshing, since we got to see Raquel and Caylee finally make their ring debuts on TV, and did pretty well against one another. I’m still bitter we won’t get to see Sonia anymore since I was really taking a liking to her, but overall her last two matches for FCW were enjoyable.

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