Friday, December 1, 2023

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Draft Buzz: Layla To RAW

There’s all sorts of buzz making the rounds of late regarding next week’s WWE Draft. John Cena to SmackDown!, CM Punk to RAW… however, the only piece of buzz we care about is Diva buzz! Word has it, Layla could be lined up for shipment to Monday Night RAW! Melanie hates to toot her own horn, but I had touted Layla as one of the Divas I’d love to move during the Draft in our own Diva Draft. And it seems many of you agreed, from reading your comments, you, too think Layla would be a great fit for the RAW brand.

Supporting the latest rumours is tonight’s episode of ECW. Fans will see scenes in which Layla addresses the audience saying she hopes she’s drafted elsewhere where fans appreciate her, the show was taped last weekend. We’ll have to wait another 6 days to see if this comes to fruition but I, for one, will be crossing my fingers and toes!

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