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El Rey Network still mum on Season Four details of Lucha Underground

Though Season Three of Lucha Underground is currently airing on the El Rey Network, there are still scarce details about the status of the show and the probability of a Season Four. Current episodes airing were taped a year ago and talent are squirming to get any details at all.

Daniel Tibbets, President of El Rey, recently spoke to ESPN about the show and revealed that the network is currently “heavily focused” on the rest of this current season:

“We’re in the middle of season 3. That’s where our focus is. We’re doing everything from a programming, a marketing, promotion, to deliver on a very successful, very engaging season 3. So it’s really just a function of timing. It’s just not time to talk about season 4 because we’re actually in the middle of a season. Again, just from a network programming standpoint, you normally don’t do that. That’s where we are right now is we’ve got 19 more episodes of season 3 to get through. To make successful. And then you bet we’re gonna want to talk about a season 4. We’re committed to the series. It’s a wonderful brand and it fits El Rey. But let it get through season 3, let us make that the best and then we can have a conversation about season 4.”

When asked about the future of the series, Tibbets said the network is looking into all its options:

“We are certainly looking at a variety of logical extensions for the show, the characters, the brand. All of that makes sense. When you have something that fans are passionate about … we have a site, El Rey Nation, where fans can write us. I read all of it. Every comment that is put on El Rey Nation, I look at, and we respond and we have great dialogue with our fans. We get a lot of comments, suggestions, like we’d like [Lucha Underground] to be longer. Absolutely. That’d be super cool. However, we do talk to a lot of fans and we do a lot of research and we have that conversation, but people really love that one-hour format. The short answer is yes, we’re always looking to explore more ways to work with the show, the brand and our partners, and at the same time we’re also listening to the fans and looking to see what they recommend. What they would like to see. When is the right time to do that? All of it’s on the table for us to continue to explore.”

Tibbets also talks about his involvement with the show, how unique LU is compared to other wrestling shows and more.

Read the full interview here.

Lucha Underground is no stranger to delayed seasons and hiatuses. During Season One network execs were concerned about the funding for Season Two. However, Season Two was ultimately green lit towards the end of Season One’s run.

Earlier this year Season Three went on mid-season hiatus with rumors and speculation abound that the brand was prepping for Season Four. Instead, the show began a festival touring circuit and some of its talent have appeared at Comic Conventions and wrestling fan shows.

Season Three returned from its mid-season break a few weeks ago and episodes are airing Wednesdays at 8 pm ET on the El Rey Network.

Episodes can also be purchased on iTunes and Seasons One and Two are available on Netflix and Amazon.

What do you think about this news? Are you worried about the possibility of a delayed Season 4? What do you want to see moving forward? Sound off in the comments below.

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