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Eva Marie says she would return to wrestling “if it made sense”

Former WWE Superstar Eva Marie left the company in 2017 under what has always appeared to be mutual terms. She has always spoken highly of the company since leaving and has been asked in a recent interview if she would ever consider coming back.

Credit: WWE

While being interviewed by TheWrap in regards to her upcoming film role titled Hard to Kill, Eva Marie had the following to say:


“WWE is my No. 1. My home. My family. They prepared me for all the things I am doing and what I want to do in my career,” she said. “I am forever grateful to the company, to Vince [McMahon], Hunter [Triple H] and Stephanie [McMahon]. If it made sense, of course I’d come back home.”

In her upcoming film, she will be opposite of Jesse Metcalfe and the star of the movie Bruce Willis. She was asked if her experience with WWE helped her out with her transition into film.

“WWE has totally prepared me for TV and film because there are so many moving parts. With WWE, not only are you on the road for 290 days, you’re building on top of your character you’re creating, as well as performing live in front of an audience. In TV and film, you’re doing the exact same performance from multiple different angles. So walking to the set, I was super prepared because of my WWE background.”

“The stunt guys were fantastic,” she added. “It’s just like WWE. The teamwork. You get a heel in your face!”

She would further discuss that she is still watching the product and gave her comments on enjoying the Thunderdome concept.

Full credit goes to: TheWrap and you can read the full interview by clicking here.

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