Sunday, August 14, 2022

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Eve Talks Criticism of Divas Division, Admits Division is in “Struggling Place” on WWE TV

Former Divas Champion, Eve Torres, is interviewed by the Peoria Journal about her journey to the WWE and more.

Perhaps most interestingly, Eve is asked about criticism of the division to which she admits that it is in a “struggling place” on television, but feels that the girls are able to show what they can do on live events.

Eve says:

We have to work basically in a man’s world. I definitely, without sounding like I’m complaining, will state that we have it the hardest in the WWE. You don’t see much of us (on TV programming).

When it comes to the live events, you get to see great Diva matches you don’t see on Monday Night Raw. We have great fun and some awesome, kick-butt matches. There are a lot of liberties we take (during live matches) we can’t take on TV. I’m proud of the Diva division. We’re in a struggling place right now in terms of TV time, (but) I know what each of us are capable of.

On what’s next for the Divas, Eve adds:

I think we can take the Diva brand to the next level to show that we can be respectful women, educated women, portraying this image. … We have a lot of young girls watching and a lot of young boys, as well. Within the Diva’s division, I have a few more title runs to do. Through that, we’ll be able to take the Diva division to the next level and kind of quiet the haters, if you will.

Speaking on the evolution of Divas and who she looked up to, Eve picks Trish Stratus:

One that probably made the biggest impact and still today does, is Trish Stratus. When I was a little younger and looking at the Divas as something I’d like to do, it was her image (I emulated). She is extremely athletic and great in the ring, beautiful and fit and athletic, and that’s the trend that continues to be set.

Read more of the article here.

Thoughts: Nice to hear the candor from Eve and concede that the Divas aren’t really given a lot to do, particularly on television. The live event versus TV comparison is something we talked about on Diva Dirt Sheet this week. I definitely agree that the live events is where you’re going to get your money’s worth with the Divas, because they get 10 or so minute matches and more often than not, get good reviews or reviews from fans who are surprised that the matches are good because of what they see on TV.

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