Saturday, December 2, 2023

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Ex-Model Crawford Primed for Friday Nights

Edit: Victoria will actually make her debut this week, as in tonight on SmackDown! Check out for her to go under the new name of Alicia Fox.

Ex-bikini model, Victoria Crawford is joining Friday Night SmackDown! as of next week. Victoria has been training in WWE’s developmental system since being signed in 2006 and will make her debut next week, as wedding planner to Vickie Guerrero and Edge whose wedding falls on July 11th.

Crawford was infamously signed along with Kelly Kelly, when John Laurinaitis saw them posing in a catalogue. However, unlike Kelly who was thrown into a role on ECW immediately, Victoria remained in the developmental system… until now. Now an experienced wrestler, I have my doubts about throwing a talented Diva into such a role. Why must they insist on bringing in useless Divas as wrestlers and the talented ones in stupid roles? Hopefully, Victoria will become part of SmackDown!’s women’s division in the coming months.

In the space of two weeks, ECW and SmackDown! have both gained new Divas. What about RAW? I have my eye on one Milena Roucka, a former contestant in the 2006 Diva Search which was won by Layla. She too, has gone onto become an experienced wrestler and a former OVW Women’s Champion.

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