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Vickie Guerrero answers your questions and her wanting to wrestle Stephanie McMahon

Vickie Guerrero spent well over a decade with WWE serving as a manager for many wrestlers. She was also the General Manager of both RAW and SmackDown during her time with the company. Now she sits down with Diva Dirt’s Gerry Strauss for another episode of The Curtain Call.

Prior to the interview, Diva Dirt reached out to our readers for questions to ask Vickie. Strauss went through many questions with the former WWE talent to get the answers you wanted to know. There were so many questions that this interview may have to have a sequel in the future.

The first great question was who she would like to work with that is currently on the roster if she were to return to WWE.

Guerrero had the following to say:

“Oh I love that question! My one superstar that I love on the roster right now is Tamina Snuka. She’s my road partner and my best friend. Her character is such a great character that I love to pair up with because I love the strong powerful women that can beat anyone up and I stand behind them and blabber all around. Just talk, talk, talk, and that’s what I love to do.

She and I worked a little bit together when I was on the roster and we had some great chemistry and it was a lot of fun. So if I got to go back it would be her I’d love to work with.”

A stand out question from one of our readers was about her working a match and getting into the ring with Stephanie McMahon at a pay-per-view event. This question was derived from the event leading to the exit of Guerrero from the company.

Credit: WWE

McMahon fired Guerrero in a storyline that allowed her to leave the company on-screen. To take you back to what happened, the match that was supposed to be between the two of them turned into a four-on-one (Alicia Fox, Rosa Mendes, and Layla) handicap match in a mud pit. Guerrero left as a babyface as getting the last laugh on the boss.

Her response was as follows, “Oh absolutely! You know I worked with Stephanie quite a bit you know with her being on the McMahon family panel when they would fire me from several occasions. I love Stephanie, she is such a powerful and empowering character. Not only professionally but in her personal life and so to work with her just only made me be better because I always wanted to give my 100% to her.

But to have a pay-per-view match, oh my gosh, I would have jumped at that in a heartbeat. I would have loved to have that spotlight with Stephanie, and she can hold her own”

Guerrero was also asked if there were any plans on her working with Kharma (Awesome Kong). Kharma’s time in WWE was brief but with her power came the potential for a mouthpiece. Would Guerrero have been a potential voice for her?

“Yeah, there were (plans) and I love Kharma. To see her now in GLOW and to see all of her success I have always been attracted to her because of her strength and of course me being the manipulative manager of WWE you always want to be paired with these stronger women and stronger men to work with. It didn’t work out that way and I was really sad but at the same time, I was happy for her to move on to other journeys. I am always a fan of her and so happy where she is at today.”

Strauss next asks her if she has any memories of Ashley Massaro. She shares her memories of the late Massaro who passed away in May.

“You know I do. She was just a character. She was always laughing and cracking jokes and I remember sometimes her daughter would be in the dressing room. Ashley would go to the store and buy 10 coloring books and 20 packs of crayons and markers and paints. We would sit down and just color. Entertain her daughter.

She loved her daughter so much and such a great mom. She even had a dog at one point and she brought her family on the road all the time. It’s sad that it is always the good ones that are gone too soon. But you know God has a bigger plan for them and I know she’s resting. All we can do now is support her daughter and keep moving further and show her that there are a lot of people who love her and support her.”

Further talking points during the discussion include Guerrero being big on respect, talks about her daughter Shaul, doing Eddie’s frog splash, and taking a Tombstone by The Undertaker.

You can listen to the full interview by clicking play below!!

What did you think of this sit down with Vickie Guerrero? Let us know your thoughts on her responses in the comment section!!

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