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Extreme Rules in Review: The Kind Mixed With the Flairs

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After a set of controversial championship matches, Charlotte will defend the Women’s Championship against Natalya in a Submission Match with Ric Flair barred from ringside. With Charlotte’s main resource neutralized, how will she fare in a fair one-on-one setting with the Anvilette? It’s the Figure Eight versus the Sharpshooter, let’s watch!

After a back and forth battle exchanging unique and innovate holds, things would come to a screeching halt when Natalya had finally locked in the Sharpshooter when Ric Flair’s music blasting through the arena. A figure would come through in a classic Flair robe, which would turn out to be Dana Brooke. The distraction allowed Charlotte to lock in the Figure Eight, giving Nattie no choice but to tap out and Charlotte retains the Women’s Title. Ric Flair and Dana would accompany Charlotte for a post-match celebration.

Thoughts: This match was doomed from the start. Having arguably the worst stipulation on the card, this match was bound to have the weakest showing. Following a show with matches building in quality and spectacle, this match brought things to an awkward pause.

Given the story based on trying to neutralize Ric Flair, I’m not understanding why this particular stipulation was in place. I mean, a ladder match, a no disqualification, a cage match. Hell, even this storyline could have made so much sense for a damn lumberjill match. I just thinking, praying, hoping, that something DIFFERENT would happen. With all these talks of revolutions and changes, this very stipulation itself reeked of “same ‘ole, same ‘ole” for the women. So even the creation and thought behind this match set the tone for disappointment.

In the words of an iconic podcast figure, let’s talk about the match. This was by far the weakest edition in this series of wars between the two. Nothing really clicked between them. I will say that I was a fan of the leg lock that Charlotte placed Natalya into near the ropes. It was a great visual and something so different. The brawling on the outside was great to see.  One of the biggest blunders was why Charlotte would do a moonsault in a submission match? The tactics were a bit off for my liking.

The ending was so odd, and misplaced. It was one of those things you’d see on WrestleCrap. If this was a regular match this would have FOR SURE end with a distraction roll-up. That finish screamed of 2009-2011 RAW matches. I must say, it is good to see Dana featured in a big spot on a pay-per-view spot, but why that? What reason would Dana be associated with the Flairs?

Another thing, why do we have to place the women in teams. Why can’t Charlotte stand alone as this cagey, sinister villian by herself? Dana was doing just fine in the new singles role she’s had lately (Ask Big Cass, how’s it like working with an injured partner) with decent matches and build to the character. Honestly, Charlotte’s run is like watching Nikki Bella‘s title run from last year. Distractions, screwjobs, people in disguises, and matches not getting appropriate stipulations. That’s not a knock on that title run, but we have already seen that story. We were promised more. We were promised actual change, something we’ve still have not seen to it’s full potential yet.

This whole “Revolution” should be about the women being EQUAL to the men. Imagine the internet’s reaction to Nattie going through thumbtacks. Or Charlotte giving a spear through the barricade. What about even the use of a steel chair? The women still have that disparity from the men. In the only match they had on this show, they could not live up to the name of this show. In a world where heavy media coverage (WWE’s kryptonite) has been given to the No Mas match and the Iron Man match from NXT last fall, it’s time for the main roster to really let go of the handicap the women’s division gets in terms of booking. And if this is all suppose to be some kind of filler-halt until a match between another one of the Horsewomen wins the belt, then this whole revolution meant nothing.

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