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Fallon Henley Forms Alliance With Jacy & Jazmyn! Thea Hail Brings Victory Back To Chase U

Hey everyone! Back for another episode of NXT! We’re following up from Heatwave so let’s see what NXT has in store tonight!

Karmen Petrovic vs. Arianna Grace

Tie up to start the match with Arianna spewing some trash talk right out the gate. Karmen gives her a slap across the face in response. Jacy & Jazmyn come out to ringside to observe the action. Match doesn’t seem to get out of second gear as Karmen hits a flurry of kicks with a spinning kick to the back of Grace’s neck to put her down for the count. 

Winner: Karmen Petrovic 

Fallon comes out post match to beat down Karmen, walks past Jacy & Jazmyn exclaiming she’s tired of these rookies getting opportunities. 

Thea Hail vs. Izzi Dame

Crowd is firmly behind Hail who had a segment earlier saying she’s ready for the NXT Women’s Champion. Izzi dominates early on, showing off her power. Tatum Paxley makes her presence known once again in one of  Izzi’s matches but this time Dame goes on the offense and attacks Tatum! This bites her in the back though as Thea is able to capitalize on the distracted Izzi and shifts the momentum of the match in her favor. Kimura and the tap!

Winner: Thea Hail 

Fallon Henley vs. Sol Ruca

The match began with a circle and lockup, leading to Fallon working Sol’s wrist before Sol countered with a front facelock. Both women showcased their agility, each flipping and landing on their feet. We get some near fall exchanges with Sol briefly gaining momentum, but Fallon countered with a head kick for another near fall. 

Sol fought back, rolling up Fallon for two and hitting a springboard crossbody. A kick to Fallon’s head followed, but Fallon tripped her during a springboard attempt and landed another head kick for two. The action continued with Sol hitting the Sol Snatcher on Henley, but Jacy and Jazmyn attacked, causing a disqualification.

Winner: Sol Ruca

Tatum Paxley is seen pacing in the backstage area telling her naked barbie that while she’s still interested in championships, she wants vengeance against girls like Izzi too. She drops the doll and Wendy Choo picks it up. 

Surprisingly neither the women’s North American nor NXT Champion were seen this week. Roxanne I can somewhat understand, but this was Kelani’s first title defense! Even if we didn’t get a celebration, at least a follow up interview backstage where she commented on her defense and Fallon joining up with Jacy & Jazmyn. 

Thea being set up as Roxanne’s next title defense works for this guy! It feels like Roxanne’s reign won’t be threatened until Guilia makes her NXT debut. I don’t disagree with that as it feels like Roxanne is head and shoulders above the rest of the division atm so might as well let her have bangers with the lockerroom (while also allowing her to work on her promos). Still not a bad show. Sound off in the comments and see you for Raw next week!

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