Friday, December 1, 2023

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Faye Jackson becomes BCW’s first ever Women’s Champion

Last night at St. Helena’s Gym in the Bronx, Brii Combination Wrestling held a Queen of the North Tournament to crown the promotion’s first ever Women’s Champion. At the end of the night, that title would be awarded to Faye Jackson.

With just a couple years of wrestling experience under her belt, Faye Jackson is still a fresh face in this industry. The part time model was trained under the ROH Dojo. In addition to wrestling a couple matches for Ring of Honor, Jackson has also notably appeared for Nova Pro Wrestling, RISE Wrestling and Absolute Intense Wrestling.

Prior to Friday night’s BCW show, Faye Jackson took umbrage with having to compete in a Queen of the North tournament despite proving “since day one” that she was the Queen of BCW. Regardless, in her Twitter promo, she agreed to take part in the tournament to prove herself in what she calls “my home … my territory … my yard.”

The next night, she took permanent residence in her home turf by becoming the BCW Women’s Champion.

This tournament also included big names like Su Yung, Lufisto, Kimber Lee, and Aja Perera; the latter of whom we at Diva Dirt interviewed not too long ago.

The fact that Faye Jackson was able to topple such spectacular women’s wrestlers all in one night makes her win all the more impressive. While her career is still incredibly young, we have to imagine this historic victory to be the biggest win in Jackson’s career yet.

We congratulate Faye Jackson on her big win and are anxious to see when and where she first decides to defend her newly won title.

As for Brii Combination Wrestling, anyone curious enough to want to check out their work can stream or buy the promotion’s previous events on the FITE Network.

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