Friday, December 1, 2023

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FCW: The Savior of the Women’s Division?

For the last few weeks, I’ve been covering FCW. More specifically, the ‘Queen of FCW’ tournament. After watching all the quarter final matches, as well as tonight’s Eve vs Michelle, I’ve come to the following conclusion: FCW is the best thing to happen to the women’s division.

I don’t know what Steve Keirn and co. are doing with these ladies, but they need to keep it up. From ECW Divas Alicia Fox and Tiffany to the Bellas on SmackDown, FCW has been pumping out fairly competent wrestlers. Don’t get me wrong, these girls aren’t main event material by any means, but at the rate they’re going they will be soon. Even brand new faces like Jenny Cash and Angela Fong seem more comfortable in ring than some divas that have years in WWE *coughMariacough*. Right before our eyes, former models and Playboy playmates are turning into real competitors.

I really think that some of the Divas on the current roster could stand to take a little hiatus and skip on down to Florida. Candice trained there for a little before returning and uh… um… er… bad example. But seriously people, FCW has to be doing something right. Here’s to the all our future Divas.

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