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FCW Watch: Audrey Marie vs Raquel Diaz (FCW Divas Championship Match)

Hola, como estas? Sorry, that’s all the Spanish I know, but if you’re wondering why I’m opening this weeks FCW recap in another language, why it’s because this week’s Divas Championship match contains Latina Heat herself, Raquel Diaz! I know Audrey is included too, but I figured displaying that I know three words of Spanish was more impressive than opening with “Howdy y’all” no matter how much I like the southern cowgirl. Never the less, tonight is a big show for the females because the Divas Title is on the line. Will our sun tanned super woman, Audrey Marie emerge with her title still in tact? Or does Raquel’s Diva dominance begin tonight?

There’s only one way to find out…

We head to the ring, where the awesome Danielle Moinet announces to us that the following contest will be contested for the championship. Up first, the reigning and defending Queen of FCW, Raquel Diaz, as Latina Heat makes her way out looking like the fairy tale evil queen that I admire ever so much. Following her introduction is the upbeat and peppy reigning champion, Audrey Marie, who poses with her title for the adorning fans. Once the two remove their accessories, the bell sounds and we get things underway with a lock up.

Audrey takes the early advantage with a side headlock take over until Raquel gets back up to both feet. Marie transitions it into a back wrist lock, before moving into a full nelson. She spins the challenger around into a snapmare, as she charges off the ropes with a dropkick to the face for a near fall. Audrey returns to the side headlock, which allows Raquel to shove her off the ropes. The champion, in turn, uses her skill to come back with a running shoulder block, before flipping it over into a roll up for a one count. Raquel quickly shoves the champion backwards, as she runs forward with a clothesline attempt. Audrey proceeds to duck it with a matrix, which brings her to then flip herself backwards into an impressive spinning headscissors takedown!

Audrey goes to take advantage of the downed opponent, but Raquel sweeps her forward using her legs. Marie manages to stop herself from colliding into the second turnbuckle, which allows Raquel to kick her in the stomach and go for a roll up to ensure a one count. Diaz’s mean streak comes out at this point, as she proceeds to rake Audrey’s face along the ring rope and choke her out! She flips the Champion backwards for a two count, before taking the time to kick Audrey in the stomach and then jump on her face with a brutal boot. Diaz proceeds to lock in a choke hold, as the crowd starts to get behind the Champion in her come back.

Raquel starts to talk trash in Spanish, as she just dismantles Audrey Marie and continues the pressure. Audrey finally starts to fight out with some punches, and leaps off the second rope with a beautiful crossbody to Diaz… but Raquel manages to roll through! Only a two count though for the challenger. Diaz tries to go for a clothesline, but Audrey ducks and runs off the ropes with one of her own. She lands a bodyslam on Latina Heat, before following it up with a leg drop for a two count as Raquel kicks out. This brings the Champion to go for the Round-Up and end it, but Raquel counters it into the Gory Bomb! She NAILS IT! Diaz hooks the leg for the 1, 2, 3! Raquel Diaz wins the Divas Championship and begins her reign of terror amongst the Divas! After some celebrating, she grabs a microphone and proclaims that she told us all that her first step of taking over FCW is complete! She poses with her new title as we head to a break.

Also, briefly check out our General Manager, Maxine, as she is featured in the opening segment introducing the third annual FCW Grand Royale match:

Thoughts: I personally enjoyed this match. I think it’s both of their best showings to date. Raquel looked much better and more comfortable in the ring, and I thought she meshed well with Audrey. Speaking of which, Audrey definitely shined tonight. I’m glad she did the matrix headscissors on the televised show because it’s fun, innovative, and helps her stand out more, as does the running crossbody from the second rope. There were one or two moments where they seemed to get winded, but that’s what FCW is for; to help mend mistakes made. You can tell the two are truly working hard, and for me at least, they delivered in a fun showing. I’m looking forward to their eventual rematch and hope it can live up to this one, or even surpass it.

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