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FCW Watch: Mia Mancini and AJ Lee in Mixed Tag Action

In the latest FCW match to hit YouTube, Queen of FCW Mia Mancini teams up with Dylan Klein (and his tearaway jeans) to take on AJ Lee and Skip Sheffield. The last time Mia and AJ locked up in the squared circle, the result wasn’t very impressive. Did they step up their game or does this match share the same fate? Watch below:

In my last FCW post, I said I wasn’t fond of Mia’s new found, powerhouse heel persona, and I still feel the same. That said, I feel it worked a lot better here than it has in the past. Perhaps it’s because AJ is so small, but seeing Mia toss her around like a rag doll was more convincing than it was against other opponents.

One of the major complaints about Mia and AJ’s last match was lack of chemistry. These two definitely stepped it up in that department. Mia’s selling was on point and AJ had some really good offense. I see these two having some really good matches in the future, as they’re the most experienced Divas in FCW at the moment.

The standout moment of this match had to be the finish. AJ’s standing Sliced Bread #2 was executed perfectly and is a very unique move for a Diva to have in her arsenal. I’m sure AJ’s acrobatic, Gail Kim-esque repertoire will get her a fair amount of attention when she finally joins the main roster.

All in all, I would say (aside from Mia’s match with Gail) this is the best outing I’ve seen from either of these women since they’re debuts. Judging by the ending, it’s safe to assume this will be next big FCW Diva feud. If they can keep this up, I’m sure they won’t disappoint.

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