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Five women who should win the Money in the Bank briefcase

Money in the Bank is just a few weeks away. The event will take place on May 19, earlier than its usual placement on the calendar. The highlight of the card, the Money in the Bank ladder match, grants the winner an opportunity to face the champion of their choosing.

Two years ago, women were finally able to participate in this style of match. Like the Royal Rumble match, the stipulation was specific to the male roster. Now, fans can witness the clank of the ladders with the hope that their favorite female competitor can unfasten the briefcase to win their opportunity.

Arguably, much like the Rumble winner, whoever receives the title shot should be someone who needs a push. A new opponent to square off against the current champion is refreshing to the fans as WrestleMania tends to restart storylines. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case.

WWE has a tendency to select the most obvious choice to win matches, especially with a title opportunity as its prize. Alexa Bliss who is no stranger to the title picture won the Money in the Bank ladder match last year and cashed it in on Nia Jax the same night. Bliss didn’t need the win to get a title shot.

The inaugural winner of the Women’s Money in the Bank briefcase, Carmella, is the perfect example of what this opportunity could do for the winner. Winning this match elevated Carmella’s career.

She carried the briefcase nearly a year and successfully cashed in on Charlotte Flair on the SmackDown after WrestleMania 34. She held the title for 131 days.

WWE will announce the participants for this year’s match on A Moment of Bliss segment on the next episode of RAW. With the fresh start since WrestleMania, all eyes will be on the winner of the Money in the Bank match. In the spirit of this event, here are five women who would benefit from capturing the briefcase.

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