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Flashback Match Friday: Molly Holly vs. Lita Survivor Series 2003

The WWE Women’s Championship was on the line during a bout between Molly Holly and Lita at Survivor Series in 2003.

Shortly after Lita came back from her neck injury, she did battle with Molly Holly for the women’s title. At the time, Holly was in her second reign as champion after defeating Gail Kim at a Raw event in July of 2003. Lita had only held the title one time before at this point.

The match came down to both women pulling out their finishers which neither resulted in the ending of the bout. Lita executed the Litasault but the champion moved out of the way. Holly thought she had put Lita away following up with a Molly Go Round but frustration set in for the champion as the challenger kicked out before the three-count.

Becoming desperate to hold onto her gold, Holly untied the middle turnbuckle. Lita caught her off guard and tried to get the three count with a roll-up by the champion kicked out. Holly tripped up Lita causing her to go fast first into the exposed turnbuckle. The referee counted to three and Molly Holly retained the WWE Women’s Title.

Holly would go on to hold the title for 209-days before dropping it to Victoria on the February 23 episode of Raw in a Fatal 4-way Elimination Match. That match also included Lita and Jazz. After Jazz was eliminated first, Molly would be eliminated second which meant a new champion was going to be crowned. Victoria pinned Lita to win her second WWE Women’s Championship.

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