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Flashback Match: Michelle McCool vs. Natalya The Great American Bash 2008

The first-ever Divas Championship was decided around this time 14-years ago at The Great American Bash. In 2008, WWE first the first time in its history introduced a second singles title for the Divas. From 2002 to 2008 the Divas from SmackDown did not have an exclusive championship to chase as the WWE Women’s Championship was exclusive to Raw.

Two women qualified to take part in the inaugural Divas Championship match – Michelle McCool and Natalya. These two women earned their opportunity in their respective Golden Star On A Pole matches. Other women included in these matches were Maryse, Cherry, Kelly Kelly, Victoria, and Layla.

The final moments of this championship match had Natalya go for the Sharpshooter only for McCool to counter with a heel/ankle lock submission. Natalya tried to fight free but eventually would tap out award McCool as the first-ever Divas Champion.

McCool would go on to hold the title for 159-days before dropping the belt to Maryse in December of the same year on an episode of SmackDown. She would go on to win the title once again in 2010 at Night of Champions. Natalya would become Divas Champion finally in her career as she defeated McCool from her second reign at Survivor Series in 2010. Layla was also included in that match as it was a handicap bout.

What are your favorite memories from this moment in Divas wrestling history? Join the discussion below!

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