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Franky Monet’s encore to take place next week; Zoey Stark backs up Io Shirai

Franky Monet has announced on this week’s NXT that she will be giving people what they want, and what they want is more Monet.

Monet will have her encore performance of her world premiere next week. A few weeks ago after several appearances on NXT television, Monet made her in-ring debut where she defeated Cora Jade. Since then, she has developed some interest in The Robert Stone Brand. Or should I say interest in Aliyah and Jessi Kamea without Robert Stone?

Placing the idea in their heads that Robert Stone isn’t helping their careers, Monet comments on the loss that Aliyah & Kamea took during TakeOver.

Are we seeing a new faction forming?

Io Shirai made her official return to NXT last week after taking some time off after TakeOver: Stand & Deliver in early April. She went right after Candice LeRae reigniting their prior rivalry. Where there is LeRae there is her partner Indi Hartwell and the NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions took advantage of the two on one advantage on this week’s show.

That is…until Zoey Stark made the save for Shirai.

Stark and Shirai have continued to have mutual respect for each other ever since Shirai defeated Stark in February. Shirai was just about to announce who her next target was when LeRae interrupted her. Hartwell then attacked the former NXT Women’s Champion from behind. The tag team champs were about to put Shirai through the commentary table when Stark made the save.

Stark left both tag champs reeling until Shirai caught her breath and found herself back in the ring to fight. LeRae & Hartwell were the recipients of a missile drop kick from the Joshi Judas which caused them to roll out of the ring in retreat. Stark and Shirai exchange gratitude in the ring.

In a Network Exclusive, Stark was discussing her mutual respect for Shirai when The Robert Stone Brand interrupted. Stark has a recent win alongside Sarray against RSB from TakeOver this past weekend. Stone stated that Stark just doesn’t get it and that she is just the shiny new toy. Aliyah says the new toys just end up getting old and thrown away. Stone then instructs Aliyah & Kamea to take out the trash. However, Shirai shows up and has Stark’s back which causes the RSB to retreat.

As for the women’s match that took place this week, two tag teams had a tremendous bout. NXT Women’s Champion Raquel Gonzalez and Dakota Kai faced a returning Kayden Carter and Kacy Catanzaro. Catanzaro had been nursing an injury which is the reason said as to why Team Ninja hasn’t been on television as of late.

The NXT women never disappoint when it comes to tag team action and this match was no exception. Team Ninja thought they had the match won after Carter held up Kai for Catanzaro to land the 450. Before the count of three, Gonzalez pulled Cantanzaro out of the ring. A match that honestly could have gone either way, Kai would secure the win for her team by pinning Catanzaro after delivering the GTK. Gonazlez and Kai celebrate afterward showing that they are ready to get the tag titles back in their grasps.

Coming off TakeOver: In Your House, Mercedes Martinez took a loss against Xia Li and met Mei Ying head-on. It looks like this rivalry is far from over as Martinez stated that between her and Li they are 1-1. And she is also prepared to make sure Ying will no longer be a problem for her.

What did you think of this week’s NXT? Who do you think Monet will face next week and what are her intentions with The Robert Stone Brand? Who will end up being the next in line for the tag titles? Leave your thoughts below and join the conversation!

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