Thursday, December 7, 2023

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SHINE 29 Results: Santana Garrett vs. Allysin Kay for the SHINE Title & More

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Tonight, SHINE Wrestling presented SHINE 29, headlined by a SHINE Championship match between champ Santana Garrett and Allysin Kay.

The night would prove to be disastrous for Allysin, as she would lose both her title shot and control of her stable. Against her wishes, April Hunter and Taylor Made would sign a deal with SoCal Val to merge Valkyrie with Valifornia.

The show also saw the return of Leah Von Dutch, who wrestled her first match in nearly four months.

Jessicka Havok also made her presence felt, getting a big win and taking out her frustrations on an erstwhile ally.

Full results below, courtesy of PWInsider:

  • The show kicks off with an in-ring segment between Valifornia and Valkyrie. Allysin Kay rejects SoCal Val’s proposal to merge with Valkyrie.
  • Crazy Mary Dobson (w/ Daffney) def. Miss Rachel with a cartwheel knee drop and a split legged moonsault.
  • Taylor Made (w/ April Hunter) def. Cherry Bomb via rollup after April distracts Cherry.
  • Leva Bates & Mia Yim def. Andrea & Jayme Jameson (w/ SoCal Val) when Mia hits Jayme with a package piledriver.
  • Su Yung def. Luscious Latasha with an airplane spin into a Michinoku Driver. After the match, Su spits red mist in Latasha’s face and applies a mandible claw, shoving the referee away when he tries to get her to stop. The referee then reverses his decision, naming Latasha the winner.
  • Jessicka Havok def. LuFisto via the Air Raid Crash.
  • Leah Von Dutch def. Brandi Wine (w/ Leilani Kai) when Brandi taps out to a modified camel clutch.
  • Amanda Rodriguez & Ivelisse def. Malia Hosaka & Thunderkitty when Ivelisse hits Thunderkitty with a guillotine DDT.
  • Vanessa Kraven def. Athena with a sitout powerbomb. Post-match, Jessicka Havok comes to the ring, tells the crowd to “give it up” for Athena and challenges Vanessa Kraven to SHINE 28 rematch. Kraven declines. When Athena tells Jessicka to “let it go”, Havok hits her with a chokeslam.
  • SHINE Championship match: Santana Garrett def. Allysin Kay to retain the SHINE Title after bridging a reverse hurricanrana into a pin.
  • Post-match, SoCal Val comes to the ring and reveals that against Allysin’s wishes, Valkyrie has merged with Valifornia. Allysin is furious with Taylor and April, hitting April with a stunner to close the show.

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