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Gail Kim Addresses Tessa Blanchard Controversy

Former seven-time Knockouts Champion and current producer for IMPACT Wrestling, Gail Kim sat down for an interview with Mr. Josh Barnett for PWInsider.

The interview covered a bit of different topics; from rebranding Women’s Championships to changing the term “Knockouts” as well as having a woman as World Champion.

Gail states:
“No one can doubt Tessa’s ability, and she does like believable. For me, The Chynas, Tessa, as long as it looks believable, I’m OK with that. I don’t know that I’d want it to be a full-time thing. It’s so 50-50 for me. I want women to be equal on the pay scale and treated equally, but then I like the whole factor of us being special and being unique.”

Then, Kim is asked about Tessa and the accusations levelled against her, while Tessa has been largely guilty in the Court of Public Opinion, Kim offers her take:

“I went to speak to Tessa. Those details are private between her and I and are no one’s business. I based my decision of support at the pay-per-view and showing that support based on her time in the company. In the three years that she started with Impact wrestling, I’ve never seen any signs of any of that, of the undertones of bullying or racism. That’s where I made my decision of what I did and what I showed.”

She further clarified her point by noting that fans had called her hypocritical, but the difference being is she spoke to Tessa one on one. She says that she wasn’t given the time of day in WWE to address her grievances, and she can’t base decisions on hearsay, and she never has known Tessa to have an attitude in her time working for Impact.

There you have it, folks, tell us what you think below in the comments!

You can also read the full interview, which includes mentions of GLOW, Kong and the Women’s Evolution by clicking here.

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