Wednesday, August 17, 2022

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Bella Twins Works as Heels at House Show Against Gail Kim (UPDATED)

In what could be a sign of how things will play out on TV in the Daniel Bryan/Gail Kim/Bella Twins saga, the former Women’s Champion worked as a heel at last night’s WWE supershow, teaming with Maryse against the Bellas.

Results below:

Maryse came out after the match and said Ted Dibiase was supposed to come but was sick. Then she said he was a loser and so was Bryan. She was funny and has improved on the mic. The Bellas attacked Maryse. Gail Kim attacked The Bellas. Boom. Tag match.

7. Gail Kim and Maryse beat The Bellas. Gail Kim and won for her team. Glad to see her featured again. (Source:

Many had been wondering who would turn heel in this scenario: the Bella Twins or Gail Kim. If these results are anything to go by, it could be Gail turning to the dark side as this love rectangle plays out on Raw this coming Monday.

It seems like WWE may have been testing the waters on a Gail Kim heel turn at a house show a few weeks ago also.

EDIT: I’m told it was actually the Bella Twins who played the heels in this match, while Gail was the babyface. It seems Maryse was in more of a tweener role. Apologies for the error.

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