Friday, July 12, 2024

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Gail’s Final TNA Match

Since we’ve been on a Gail Kim hype the past couple of days, why not continue? Diva Dirt has taken the liberty to cap and upload Gail’s final match for TNA Wrestling and talk about goin’ out all guns blazing! It’s fitting that Gail’s final match for TNA is with the woman with whom she put the Knockouts division on the map – Awesome Kong. At the time this episode was taped, I doubt TNA knew Gail was on her way out, but by chance they gave us a really fitting end. Not only did Gail face Kong, they delivered one hell of a match for old time’s sake!

Now that Gail’s becoming two times a Diva, I doubt we’ll see her taking insane bumps like we see in this match, kendo stick shots and all so relish this for all it’s worth. I thoroughly enjoyed this match and hope you do too.

PS: It’s a shame that Gail won’t be able to finish her storyline with “sister” Katie Kim, because for an amateur Katie shows some real acting chops during this match. Hopefully TNA will keep her around, she’s really good!

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